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Check the recent activities of Wettrust and Partners around the world.

카테고리 China/Hong Kong/Taiwan
제목 Vending machine event with T-Mall
행사일자 2019.06.04

Wettrust collaborates with T-Mall, one of the most famous online shops in China. T-mall is called a department store in the e-commerce market because it sells only high-quality products like electronic devices and luxury brands in China.

Recently, inclear was ranked as the No. 3 fastest-growing brand at T-mall. To expand the popularity of inclear from online to offline, Wettrust and T-mall have held special promotions. Vending machines for inclear were installed in several department stores and shopping malls.

inclear's popularity on T-mall has led to many customers lining up continuously in front of the vending machines. Most customers who tried out the samples, went on to purchase inclear using the QR code on the T-mall vending machines.

Through these promotional events, we have been able to affirm the Chinese woman's interest in and love for inclear, and this is a matter of great pride for us.