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카테고리 Korea
제목 Period Fair 2019 at Seoul Forest
행사일자 2019.0525 - 26

Wettrust in the 2nd Period Fair at Seoul Forest

Hello :)
Wettrust, which has endeavored to innovate feminine care and hygiene since 2003, participated in the 2nd Period Fair.

Period Fair was held on May 28th to celebrate the world's menstrual day, which derives from the average menstrual day of five days and the average menstrual cycle of 28 days.

Isn't it awesome??

The fair provided useful information about menstruation.
Furthermore, many events were held to experience!

There were variety of shops which were selling menstrual products.

As a feminine care specialist,

Wettrust's products draw a lot of attention from so many visitors.
Especially, Tea tree products came into the spotlight.

Our booth was crowded all day long thanks to various visitors' attention.

Period Fair on May 25th to 26th!

That time was a great opportunity to communicate with our customers.

Thanks to the participation and interest of many people, Wettrust was able to finish all the 2 days with great success. :)

Thank you so much for visiting Wettrust booth ♥

We hope to see you again next time.