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Check the recent activities of Wettrust and Partners around the world.

카테고리 Korea
제목 KIMES 2019 in Seoul
행사일자 2019.03.14 - 17

Wettrust took part in KIMES (Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment show) on March 14th~17th.

KIMES 2019 was such a special chance for Wettrust because it was the first medical exhibition that we participated in.

The vivid color of Wettrust booth was enough to catch many visitors' eyes.
The huge sculpture of inclear's applicator draws many attentions as well.
"Can you find the big syringe? XD"

Several visitors stopped in front of this 3D hologram of Wettrust's logo and couldn't take their eyes off it.

Our well-trained staffs provided professional explanation to customers based on expertise. Most customers were satisfied while saying that Wettrust is trustworthy.

It was such a nice opportunity to listen to the voice of the customers in person.
Many customers gave us feedback that inclear is especially useful after visiting swimming pool or sauna and also after the period.
We were so proud to hear a lot of compliments!

Some of the customers said, "Why don't you use such a good product?" And they recommended it to the people next to you.

We provided the samples to customers who were curious about our product.

"How did you like it? :)"

Upon this opportunity, Wettrust successfully extend products scope and leap into a medical device company.

It was a great honor to have a deep conversation with each one of the customers from all countries of the world.

Wettrust will keep doing our best until we reach and meet all customers in the world!