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카테고리 Canada
제목 Come & See Us at Exhibitions in Canada!
행사일자 2018.10.20 - 21

Aurium Pharma Inc. participated in exhibitions to promote syringe-type feminine care products, pHemme Fresh & Restore.

The 1st exhibition was SOGC(The Society of Gynecologist Conference). It was a very good opportunity to introduce new and innovative feminine care products to the specialists. As there is no doubt that lactic acid is very important for keeping women’s vaginal health, a lot of gynecologists showed interest in pHemme Fresh & Restore. Easiness and simpleness to use are one of the appealing points of pHemme Fresh & Restore compared to competitive products in the market.

Secondly, there was a chance for Aurium Pharma to meet general customers at National Women’s Show in Ottawa. Not only just introducing the item, but it was also a chance to listen to customers’ needs in detail. Customers’ interest in pHemme Fresh & Restore was far beyond expectation.

Aurium Pharma is now preparing another chance to meet customers face to face at the Toronto National Women’s Show in November!