New Product ‘TWO L(I)PS WIPEOUT’ launched in Singapore



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New Product ‘TWO L(I)PS WIPEOUT’ launched in Singapore

Wettrust's Singapore partner ‘Spa Esprit Group’ has launched its ODM brand of ‘TWO L(I)PS’ which specializes in high quality feminine products.
The product ‘WIPEOUT’ are feminine wipes which is a mixture of rosemary and geranium, and is made of organic cotton.
The company also currently has 17 brands and is developing businesses in areas such as F&B and Beauty.
It has sales channels and spas in Singapore, London, and New York. The brand is producing the world's first Binchotan mask which is made of white charcoal.
Wettrust hopes to enter the new market with this opportunity and improve the health of women in Singapore with exceptional partners.
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